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MLB Trade Rumors: Could Pirates Pursue A Starter?

Pirates GM Neal Huntington recently was on MLB Network Radio, describing the Pirates' priorities at the trade deadline. He said the Pirates want a position player, a bullpen arm, and a starting pitcher. Wait ... a starting pitcher?

Of course, there's the possibility we shouldn't read much into Huntington's comments. After all, there isn't a player alive who doesn't fit into one of Huntington's three categories. But it would be pretty strange to me if the Pirates picked up a starting pitcher. True, there's the possibility of a strange scenario like the Pirates dealing Paul Maholm and then turning around and picking up a starter, but independent of something like that, a trade for a starter doesn't make much sense. The Pirates have five starters performing well, plus another starter in Brad Lincoln performing well at Class AAA Indianapolis and another starter, Ross Ohlendorf, who's currently rehabbing. Picking up a starter for the stretch run would probably be a poor use of resources, unless the Pirates can find one they're also excited about beyond 2011.

What the Pirates really need is offense. Whether that's a first baseman or a third baseman, that's what they need.

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Photographs by dizfunk used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.