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Pirates Trade Rumors: Jason Giambi Would Make Sense For Bucs, Buster Olney Says

Some out-of-the-blue trade speculation here from Buster Olney, who thinks Jason Giambi of the Rockies would make sense for the Bucs.

Total speculation: Jason Giambi would be perfect as bench addition for Pirates. Experienced, great clubhouse guy, power to win a game as PH.

I’m not sure when known steroid user Jason Giambi became a “great clubhouse guy,” but that’s fine – I’ll go with it. Giambi has no defensive value at all, but he would be a nice addition to the Bucs’ bench, in that he can still whack righties. It’s been pretty annoying to see the likes of Matt Diaz up at the plate in key situations late in the game. Giambi shouldn’t cost much, and he’d give the Bucs’ bench a bit of home-run oomph. Even independent of the clubhouse stuff, this is an idea worth keeping an eye on.

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Photographs by dizfunk used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.