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Pirates Trade Rumors - Stark: Interest In Carlos Pena 'Exaggerated'

With Lyle Overbay in a serious funk, the Pirates' need at first base probably couldn't be more dire at the moment as Sunday's trading deadline rapidly approaches. The Cubs' Carlos Pena has repeatedly been mentioned as a good fit for Pittsburgh, and today ESPN's Jayson Stark suggests the market for him may not be as strong as some perceive it to be.

Carlos Pena? One exec who spoke with the Cubs says the level of interest in him has been exaggerated -- and he's a guy they believe they can get through waivers and trade in August, when there's a lot less money left on his $10 million contract.

Reading between the lines, it looks like Pena's big contract is scaring a lot of teams off. Luckily for the Pirates, that big contract could play in their favor in their quest to add offense without giving up significant prospects. The more the Pirates have to take on in salary, the less they have to give up in terms of minor leaguers. Of course, the Pirates have yet to show they'll actually take on salary, but Pena would appear to fit the profile of a guy the Pirates should swoop in on.

Photographs by dizfunk used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.