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After Derrek Lee Trade, What Might Pirates Do Before MLB Trade Deadline?

On Saturday night, the Pirates acquired first baseman Derrek Lee from the Baltimore Orioles in exchange for first base prospect Aaron Baker. It was the first prospect-for-veteran trade for the organization in a long time, unless you count the nonsensical Matt Morris deal from 2007. Now that that's over, and the Pirates' most glaring need (first base help) has been met, what might we expect from them on Sunday?

Well, maybe nothing. But with Jose Tabata and Alex Presley still on the shelf, it wouldn't be surprising if they made some kind of move for an outfielder. A catcher is also a possibility, although the Bucs haven't been connected to Chris Iannetta or anyone else in the past week or so. Finally, they might make a deal for a reliever, particularly a lefty. Tony Watson and, to a lesser degree, Joe Beimel have performed well as the Bucs' bullpen lefties recently, though, and there really aren't any other glaring weaknesses in the bullpen.

In short, I think Neal Huntington and the Pirates will work hard to make deals happen on Sunday. But it wouldn't be a shock if they came up empty-handed.

Photographs by dizfunk used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.