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Pirates Trade Rumors: Ryan Ludwick Reportedly A Possibility

The Pirates could still trade for Padres outfielder Ryan Ludwick. Ludwick’s 2011 numbers look bad, but he has to play in the offensive death trap of San Diego’s PETCO Park, so there’s reason to expect better from him if he were to move elsewhere. Also, he’s a good defender who can play either left or right field, and he’s a righty, which means he can improve the Pirates against lefty pitching. Ludwick would be a nice addition as long as the Pirates didn’t give up too much, and I assume they won’t. He’d also be especially useful now, with Jose Tabata and Alex Presley out.

The Bucs are also evidently having a “closed-door team meeting,” so I wouldn’t assume they’re done after having traded for Derrek Lee Saturday night. The trading deadline is at 4:00 PM Eastern, and after that teams can only make trades through waivers.

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Photographs by dizfunk used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.