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Pirates Trade Rumors - Morosi: Twins Not Trading Kubel, Expects Pirates To Make Move For B.J. Upton

Though we heard earlier in the day Jason Kubel was the Pirates' top target here on trade deadline day, FOX Sports' Jon Morosi tweets people shouldn't get their hopes up over the Twins' outfielder.

Source: "are not trading Kubel." That’s the strongest I’ve heard it this month.

Morosi adds that he doesn't think the Bucs are done trying to add an outfield bat, though, adding...

If Kubel is truly out of play, then I anticipate to make a serious bid for Upton.

B.J. Upton would probably be a costly add for the Bucs as he's arbitration eligible after this season. While he's probably at the zenith of his trade value at the moment, the Rays are in the driver's seat in these negotiations as it isn't an all-or-nothing situation for them yet. If Neal Huntington holds firm to his stance that the Pirates won't give up the farm to make a deadline addition, it'd be rather surprising if the Bucs end up with Upton by the end of all this.   

Photographs by dizfunk used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.