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Alex Gordon's Career Shows What Pedro Alvarez Could Eventually Be

A reader at Bucs Dugout goes back to a 2009 post I wrote about the strange parallels between the careers of Pedro Alvarez and the Royals' Alex Gordon. At the time, I was talking about how the Royals' aggressive promotion of Gordon to the big leagues suggested the Pirates shouldn't do the same with Alvarez (and they didn't).


Now, though, the parallel means something different: Alvarez is now struggling, just as Gordon did. Gordon, who like Alvarez was a top college hitter and the second overall pick in the draft, took a couple years of bouncing between the majors and minors before finally emerging this season as one of the American League's better hitters. It's a good reminder that whatever a player did most recently doesn't necessarily define him, and that there's still hope for Pedro. Maybe he'll be a bust, but maybe it's just going to take him a bit of time to learn to lay off breaking balls in the dirt.

Photographs by dizfunk used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.