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Joel Hanrahan trade reactions: Bloggers give Pirates thumbs-up

The trade between the Boston Red Sox and the Pittsburgh Pirates for pitcher Joel Hanrahan is official and writers are giving the edge to the Pirates.

Doug Pensinger

Writers are reacting to the weekend's trade between the Pittsburgh Pirates and the Boston Red Sox that sent pitcher Joel Hanrahan to Boston along with infielder Brock Holt. The Pirates received relief pitcher Mark Melancon, position player Jerry Sands, prospect Stolmy Pintel and infielder Ivan De Jesus.

Around the blogosphere, many people believe that the Pirates got the better of this deal. Tim Williams of Pirates Prospects believes that Melancon can put up numbers similar to Hanrahan plus the Pirates would control Melancon for longer for less money than Hanrahan. He does say however that the key player in this trade is Sands:

He's probably the difference maker in this deal. If he is successful carrying his hitting over to the majors, the Pirates will have a great deal. If he's not successful, then it's likely that the Pirates will just be getting the same production for less money and more years.

Buried Treasure believes that both teams got a good deal but also thinks that the Pirates get the better of it cause they get similar players for less money:

One thing that cannot be escaped is that trading Hanrahan is a salary dump, as the club will be saving around $6M on the 2013 payroll - but then it's one that has been required all winter and it's only for a small bullpen downgrade (before other parts are considered). Spending so highly on a closer (10% of the club's payroll) is not something the Pirates can afford to do.

From a different perspective Ben Buchanon of Over the Monster believes that the Red Sox are giving up far too much for someone like Hanrahan:

While Hanrahan still managed to strike out 10 batters per nine innings of work, that's a number that could change in a hurry if hitters wise up to his sudden lack of control and start letting him hang himself with balls and walks.

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