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A.J. Burnett Trade Rumors: Burnett-For-Travis-Hafner Deal A Possibility, But Pirates Shouldn't Worry

Jon Heyman tweets that the Yankees and Indians are discussing a possible trade of A.J. Burnett for DH Travis Hafner.

Yankees/indians talk revolves around aj and travis hafner. cleve unsure it would do that swap. yanks also don’t mind the FA DH options

The Yankees need a DH, and Hafner is a good one, so this makes sense for the Yankees. It also helps that both Hafner and Burnett are overpaid. In the end, though, this doesn’t make much sense for Cleveland, at least not as a one-for-one deal, since Hafner is popular and is owed about half as much as Burnett. If I were the Pirates and I wanted to get a Burnett deal done, I wouldn’t be overly worried about this. The most likely outcome is probably the Yankees trading Burnett to the Pirates for salary relief, then acquiring a DH on the free agent market or elsewhere.

UPDATE: Jordan Bastian tweets that the Yankees and Indians aren't currently talking about a Burnett/Hafner trade. (Via Tim Williams.)

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