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Pirates' Interleague Schedule Relatively Easy This Year

Interleague play has always been hard on the Pirates, but finally, in a year in which they’re already 32-27, in 2012 it might not be.

Interleague play has already begun, of course, with the Pirates sweeping the Royals in their most recent series and losing two of three to the Tigers back in May. It continues Tuesday night with a three-game set against the Orioles, then three more against the Indians. Both teams are well above .500, but they’ve also both allowed more runs than they’ve scored, so these aren’t particularly tough matchups.

The Bucs then get three games against the Twins, who, along with the Padres and Cubs, have been among the worst teams in baseball this season. Then it’s three games against the Tigers, who are well below .500.

All that means that the Pirates aren’t going to play an interleague series against a team that currently has more runs scored than allowed. That’s thanks to the fact that they get to play most of their interleague games against the weak AL Central — and they miss the first-place White Sox. That’s quite a gift from the scheduling gods.

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Photographs by dizfunk used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.