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2012 Draft Signings: Pirates Officially Sign Eight

The Pirates have officially signed eight more picks from the 2012 Draft, bringing their total to nine, including second-rounder Wyatt Mathisen, who was signed earlier this week.

6. Eric Wood, 3B
7. Jake Stallings, C
10. Pat Ludwig, P
12. Dalton Friend, P
13. Tom Harlan, P
20. Kyle Haynes, P
23. Lance Breedlove, P
25. Joshua Smith, P

Stallings, Ludwig, Harlan, Breedlove and Smith were all college seniors, meaning they didn’t have a whole lot of leverage, so it’s no surprise they signed quickly.

Wood is from junior college, and no one seems to know a whole lot about him. Reports have indicated that the Pirates saved some money against their draft pool by signing him cheaply.

Friend is a reasonably-well-regarded lefty from a Missouri junior college.

Haynes was a junior at VCU.

Draft picks beyond Round 10 have a limit of $100,000 for each pick. Any pick after that counts against the Pirates’ $6.6 million draft pool. It’s doubtful anyone from after Round 10 in this group of signings went over $100,000.

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Photographs by dizfunk used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.