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2012 MLB Draft Results: Pirates Pick Two Players With Local Ties On Day 3

The third, and final, day of the MLB Draft rarely makes for great drama except among the geekiest of us, and that's especially true this year. The third day of the draft covers Rounds 16 through 40, and with the new Collective Bargaining Agreement in effect, it's very hard for teams to pay desirable prospects big bonuses in those rounds. So where, in the past, you'd see the Pirates and other teams grab a very promising high school player in a later round and then lure him away from college with a big bonus, that isn't really possible anymore.

You can check out the Day 3 results for the Pirates here, and for all of the major leagues here. The Pirates list features a bunch of reasonably interesting high school players with college commitments, but the Bucs won't be able to offer any of them much more than $100,000 to sign, so many of them will probably go to college. The list includes Jared West (39th round), brother of former Florida Marlins pitcher Sean West. It also includes Stanford University running back Tyler Gaffney, who was selected as an outfielder in the 24th round.

It also includes two players with local ties. The Bucs chose Penn State infielder Jordan Steranka in the 21st round, and while he probably isn't much of a prospect, the Pirates will probably be able to sign him and send him straight to their minor-league affiliate in State College, the Spikes. The Spikes have been unhappy with the Pirates for not bringing them enough wins, and Steranka is the perfect player to help out with that.

The other is Zarley Zalewski, who's from Valley Senior High School in New Kensington. You can probably tell that his parents are Penguins fans.

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Photographs by dizfunk used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.