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Justin Upton Rumors: Blue Jays A Better Trade Fit Than Pirates, According To Report

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Nick Piecoro of the Arizona Republic describes the Diamondbacks' side of potential Justin Upton trade discussions. He notes that the D'Backs already have plenty of young outfielders, and instead would want (at least, presumably) a shortstop, third baseman or potential ace in return for Upton.

He also says that the Pirates don't have what the Diamondbacks are looking for.

The Pirates are reportedly interested, but, according to sources, they don’t match up well with the Diamondbacks.

Who knows what that means, but the Pirates' strength as a trading partner would be ace-caliber pitching prospects (like Jameson Taillon), and young outfielders (like Starling Marte and Gregory Polanco). If the Diamondbacks aren't too interested in outfielders, or they want players at other positions who can step up right away, the Bucs probably aren't the right team for them. Piecoro notes that the Blue Jays are potentially a better fit, possibly because Arizona likes young Jays shortstop Adeiny Hechavarria. Hechavarria has never hit well outside the great hitting environment in Class AAA Las Vegas, so that doesn't necessarily make much sense, but hey.

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