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The Onion Asks: Is Andrew McCutchen Any Good?

You know the Pirates are having a big season when The Onion sees fit to make fun of Bucs superstar Andrew McCutchen. (They've written about the Pirates before, but I can't recall an instance where they've written about the Bucs for reasons other than them being terrible.) McCutchen is the subject of a new "strongside/weakside" graphic.


On the "strong side," McCutchen "owns more baseball bats than 99% of Americans" and his "quickness and intuition allow him to deftly steal bases while teammates are striking out." On the weak side, McCutchen is "often referred to as an 'on-base machine' instead of a 'love machine,' which may call his ability to love into question."


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Photographs by dizfunk used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.