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Pirates To Promote Daniel McCutchen In Wake Of Brad Lincoln Trade, According To Report

Kristy Robinson reports that the Pirates are promoting reliever Daniel McCutchen to take Brad Lincoln's place on the roster. It looks like there will be another move for the Pirates to make room for new outfielder Travis Snider.

McCutchen is a mopup man at best, but it may be that there's another move coming, or that the Bucs, after giving up 14 runs to the Cubs Monday night, simply want someone who can soak up a bunch of innings. In any case, Bryan Morris, in particular, looks like a much better long-term bullpen option than McCutchen does, and I would hope the Pirates would promote Morris eventually. He has a much better chance of doing a Lincoln impersonation than McCutchen does, not that either of them are pitchers of Lincoln's caliber.

The trading deadline comes late Tuesday afternoon. The Pirates have already added Snider and Wandy Rodriguez, and if they make another move, it might be for a reliever.

UPDATE: The Pirates have, in fact, promoted McCutchen. Drew Sutton has been designated for assignment, and Travis Snider will join the Pirates in time to play the Cubs on Tuesday.

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