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Could NFL Suspend James Harrison For Hits Against Browns?

After a Sunday that featured a number of very hard hits, the NFL says it could begin suspending players, rather than merely fining them, for helmet-to-helmet hits.

"There’s strong testimonial for looking readily at evaluating discipline, especially in the areas of egregious and elevated dangerous hits," [the NFL's Ray Anderson] said in a phone interview. "Going forward there are certain hits that occurred that will be more susceptible to suspension. There are some that could bring suspensions for what are flagrant and egregious situations."

The Steelers' James Harrison had two of the most talked-about hits from Sunday, knocking Josh Cribbs and Mohamed Massaquoi out of the Steelers' game against the Browns. It's unclear if Anderson is saying Harrison could be suspended for those hits.


UPDATE: The NFL will review the hit against Massaquoi, but says the Cribbs hit was legal.

Photographs by dizfunk used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.