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Steelers Pull Out 23-22 Win Against Dolphins After Controversial Fumble Ruling

That was the most in-depth explanation from an NFL official I've ever heard. After a QB draw by Ben Roethlisberger that was initially ruled a touchdown, officials ruled that the quarterback fumbled before crossing the plane. However, there was "no indisputable proof" that the Dolphins recovered the ball in their own endzone, which would have ended the Steelers' possession with them still behind. Instead, Jeff Reed kicked his third field goal - basically an extra point - for the 23-22 lead.

Rest assured, that play will be among the most discussed this week. And let's hope Roethlisberger, who fumbled three times this afternoon, works on his ball security. A Pittsburgh defensive stand following the two-minute warning sealed it, bringing the Steelers to 5-1. 

Some other random thoughts on the game that didn't work their way into my other StoryStream updates:

  • It was a quiet game for linebacker Lawrence Timmons, who was on an obscene pace for tackles prior to Sunday's game. Timmons had just three tackles and two passes defended against Miami after nearly 12 tackles in five games before today's matchup.
  • I defy you to come up with a group of players in the NFL that have worse tattoos than the Dolphins offensive line. For example, Jake Long's arms read "JAKE" and "LONG," you know, just in case he forgets or something. I don't know who else has what, but I definitely saw some barbed wire, some "tribal" (whatever the hell that means) patterns, among other unspeakable clichés.
  • Dolphins head coach Tony Sporano's desire to make the Steelers sweat in the South Beach heat got entirely too much coverage this week. Apparently, he wanted the Steelers to have to wear their black uniforms. Fine. I guess that makes a little bit of a difference. But can we stop talking about how the Dolphins are "used to" the heat and the Steelers aren't? Every team in the league has training camp in August, okay? The only team in the league with a true environmental advantage is the Denver Broncos, whose Mile High air can cause legitimate respiratory problems for the uninitiated. 
  • Let's hope the Black & Gold gets their pass rush ready for next week's tilt against Drew Brees and the New Orleans Saints. After totaling 17 sacks in three games, the Steelers only recorded one sack this Sunday against the Dolphins.
  • It's been an especially good day for the Steelers, given that the Atlanta Falcons easily disposed of the Cincinnati Bengals and the Buffalo Bills - I repeat, THE BUFFALO BILLS - are currently hanging with the Baltimore Ravens in overtime. Let's hope Ryan Fitzpatrick channels his inner Jim Kelly in OT.

Photographs by dizfunk used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.