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Coach Tomlin Joins Mike & Mike To Talk Big Ben, Other Topics During Team's Bye Week

Patience, Steeler Nation. We’ve still got more than a week to go before the Pittsburgh Steelers play again. When they do against the Cleveland Browns in Week 6, quarterback Ben Roethlisberger will make his 2010 season debut after finishing his four-game suspension to begin the year. How will Ben Ben fare in his first outing back? Well, the opponent is the Browns, a team against which Roethlisberger has had great success in his career. Head coach Mike Tomlin isn’t too concerned about Roethlisberger being unready. As Tomlin explained on Mike & Mike In The Morning (interview begins at 33:30 mark), guys like Roethlisberger are so competitive that it’s unlikely he’ll be too rusty.

“I’m sure in some form or fashion. But guys like Ben — competitors — playing football is like breathing to them. I really think he’s going to get back in and get about his business. That’s what he does, what he loves, he’d do it for nothing. So I’m a little less concerned about that then one might think.”

Tomlin was then asked about Commissioner Goodell’s statements about Roethlisberger doing an outstanding job fulfilling the terms of his suspension, and then some.

“Well, he’s embraced responsibility. He’s been very accountable in terms of this situation and dealing with it. He’s done everything that’s been asked of him, not only to the letter but beyond. He’s just had a great attitude in terms of dealing with it — a mature one, one that’s encouraging moving forward.”

Two Sundays from now can’t come soon enough.

Photographs by dizfunk used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.