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Steelers Vs. Patriots: Jeff Reed Rips Heinz Field, Fans In Post-Game Comments

Steelers kicker Jeff Reed was defiant in his post-game comments after badly missing a field goal Sunday night against the Patriots, addressing the press in a “Haters Hate” t-shirt and attacking Steelers fans (or some Steelers fans) and the Heinz Field turf.

It’s kind of hard when you plant your foot and the whole piece of ground moves when the ball is under the holder. I almost missed the ball completely. I’m not going to make excuses. If you’ve played any kind of sports in your life, you realize that what we play on is not very good turf, so, it happens.

On the fans:

If you’re not perfect in this city, man, then you’re going to hear about it, and it’s been like that for nine years, and why would they stop now? But like I said, there’s 95 percent of those fans that got my back totally, and that five percent you always hear. They’re right by the kicking net, they’re bashing me, but you know, that’s life, man, you’ve got to move on, and the worst thing for me to do would be to fight back at them.

Photographs by dizfunk used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.