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Raiders Vs. Steelers: Jeff Reed Clears Waivers, Shaun Suisham Glad To Be In Pittsburgh

The Post-Gazette is reporting that Jeff Reed has cleared waivers, and the Steelers will now be responsible for the remaining $1.6 million on the kicker's contract. Reed's agent told the PG that he has received a couple of offers from other teams since clearing the wire, but will not sign with a team or kick during this weekend's games.

As Reed heads out, Shaun Suisham comes into the Steelers equation starting this weekend, and the kicker is glad to be in Pittsburgh.

"I would have paid the Steelers to let me come here," he said of that camp.


"I never carry misses or makes with me. ... That's how I've always viewed things. I can sleep at night, knowing I've trained very hard, I do everything I possibly can to put myself in position to succeed. That brings me a sense of relief, and I can look at myself in the mirror. I never anticipate missing, but, when it does happen, move on to the next play."

Suisham has bounced around between Dallas and Washington since coming into the league in 2005-2006. He's money from inside 30 yards, going 30-for-31 in his career. It's his deeper kicks that become an adventure. He's 26-for-33 from 30-39 yards, 28-for-37 from 40-49 yards and 3-for-9 from 50 yards and deeper.

Photographs by dizfunk used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.