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Week 13 Fantasy Football Tips: For The Love Of God, Cut Jeff Reed

If you were the type to make a mistake like this, you probably wouldn’t be Googling for fantasy football advice right now, but just in case: former Steelers kicker Jeff Reed is still owned in 17% of leagues! People, pay attention to your teams. Your fellow league owners – your friends – are counting on you. Reed was having a poor year and was cut last week, and this his agent said Reed would be taking some time off – which is to say, he won’t be kicking for anyone this week, and probably not next week either.

It’s very easy to get fantasy points out of the kicking position, since finding the right player is mostly just about finding the one who has the most opportunity. Right now, Reed has none, and he isn’t very likely to recoup value by the end of the season even if he does end up signing with someone, which he might not. If you’re playing a league in which you’re drafting NFL players and winning points based on which ones play the most beer pong, Reed is probably a great choice. If not, there are lots of good options out there at kicker. (Matt Bryant! Nick Folk!) Reed isn’t one of them.

Photographs by dizfunk used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.