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Steelers Vs. Saints: James Harrison Could Receive Another Fine For Hit On Drew Brees

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The Trib reports that, two weeks after getting in trouble for a tough hit against the Browns, the SteelersJames Harrison could be back in trouble yet again, and could draw a fine for a hit against Drew Brees that resulted in a roughing-the-passer penalty Sunday night.

Harrison’s agent says he’s not as upset about this incident, which is good – if I were him and I were getting in trouble again, it would drive me up a wall. But Harrison, who says he contemplated retiring after being fined two weeks ago, sounds resigned to it this time:

“I’m not getting the same deep sense of frustration (from Harrison) that he had after the last (fine),” Bill Parise said Tuesday.

Here’s video of the hit. It’s pretty plainly a late hit, but not a particularly vicious one. Harrison will probably have to watch himself the rest of the season – I’m sure the NFL wouldn’t mind fining him again.

Photographs by dizfunk used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.