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Steelers Vs. Saints: James Harrison Has 'Semi-Productive' Meeting With NFL

James Harrison reports that he had a “semi-productive” meeting with NFL commissioner Roger Goodell. Harrison seems to have backed quite a distance away from the idea that he might retire if he’s no longer able to play the game as he’s been taught to play it, but it also sounds like he and Goodell aren’t really seeing eye to eye:

“You have to adapt to some things,” Harrison said of the new crackdown on such hits this season. "It’s not really that much of a change. The only thing I have a real issue with is trying to adjust to an adjustment that an off [offensive] player has already made. That’s where I have an issue with there being a consequence and repercussions that you no longer can control. If a guy ducks his head at the last minute right as you’re about to hit him, you can’t control that, you can’t adjust to that.

“Their response was I’m a defensive player and I’m responsible for what happens — who initiates the contact, that’s my responsibility. I don’t know — hopefully, we’ll get a better understanding.”

It doesn’t sound like it, and it sounds like the rest of the season could be very awkward for Harrison as he tries to avoid hits that will get him in trouble. But at least he isn’t talking about quitting anymore.

Troy Polamalu, meanwhile, spoke with more intensity about the NFL's policies. You can check out his reaction here.

Photographs by dizfunk used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.