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NFL Power Rankings: Steelers Likely To Stay At No. 3

When most outlets post their NFL power rankings tomorrow, the Steelers are likely to stay at No. 3. Both SB Nation and ESPN had the Steelers in that spot last week, behind the Patriots and Falcons (or Falcons and Patriots). With all three teams winning convincingly, that’s unlikely to change.

The real intrigue will be in what goes on after that. Both outlets had the Ravens at No. 4, where they’ll stay with a win over the Texans tonight. The Saints, too, are likely to stick at No. 5 after thumping the Rams.

But what about the Jets and Bears? The Jets were at No. 6 in the ESPN rankings and No. 9 in SB Nation’s after an embarrassing loss to the Patriots last week, and this week they dropped another one, this time to the Dolphins. They’re still 9-4, but they probably have to fall to somewhere around No. 10. The Bears, who were at No. 8 in ESPN’s rankings and No. 6 in SB Nation’s, lost to a good team and probably won’t fall too far. With games left against the Jets and on the road against the Packers, though, they’ve got their work cut out for them.

Photographs by dizfunk used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.