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Steelers Vs. Ravens: Even Baltimore's Terrell Suggs Thinks NFL Is Targeting James Harrison

The Ravens hate the Steelers like WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange hates secrecy, so it’s really saying something when even the Ravens’ Terrell Suggs, who often spends the week before a game talking trash about his upcoming opponents, thinks the NFL is doing James Harrison wrong. You might think the Ravens would delight in any injustice the Steelers might undergo, but apparently not, and good for them.

“You got this guy, number 92 over there, I think he’s kind of red-flagged,” Suggs said. "Referees are kind of looking for him to see if he breathes on the quarterback wrong. He might get a flag. I think there is definitely some injustice and I think that’s where the game has went.

“I don’t feel sorry for anybody. I do know they are looking at him more closely than they are looking at anybody else in the league. I think in the referee world they kind of red-flagged him.”

Harrison says that if he and Suggs’ placed were switched, he’d feel the same way. This probably doesn’t suggest a thaw in Steelers-Ravens relations, but kudos to Suggs for standing up for Harrison, who pretty obviously is being treated unfairly. Again, the amount of danger involved with helmet-to-helmet hits in the NFL is a problem, but the amount of inconsistency the NFL has displayed is staggering, and they’re fining Harrison the same amount for a debatable hit made in the heat of action as they are for two players literally beating each other up after the whistle.

Photographs by dizfunk used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.