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Steelers May Add 4,000 Seats At Heinz Field

The Trib reports that the Steelers may add 4,000 seats at Heinz Field. The seats would be underneath the scoreboard. There will be temporary seats built in that area for the Winter Classic on Saturday, so fans will get a chance to see what the potential expansion would look like. The temporary seats will remain for Steelers playoff home games.

The Steelers said today construction could begin in 2012 if the team moves forward with the expansion project at the North Shore stadium, which seats 65,050.

Mary Conturo, executive director of the Stadium Authority and the Sports & Exhibition Authority, said the seats would be constructed in the south end of the stadium, under the scoreboard, and would not change the overall footprint of the stadium.

"They’re just beginning to look at whether this is feasible or not," Conturo said. "Financially, more seats generate more revenue for the city and the authority. If it’s feasible, it’s certainly worth considering."

This seems like a common-sense move. There's a ton of space in front of the scoreboard, and while adding permanent seats will reduce some of the open-air feel of the stadium, I think that's a reasonable price to pay for 4,000 more seats.

Photographs by dizfunk used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.