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NFL Draft: West Virginia's Robert Sands Ready For The Pros

West Virginia junior safety Robert Sands says he will enter the NFL draft. Who knows where he’ll be drafted, but a couple of weeks ago he said he would only consider entering the draft if he were a likely first- or second-round pick, so it’s possible the NFL told him he would go in one of those two rounds. Sands almost never comes up in mock drafts as a potential first-rounder, but I could see him as a second-rounder. Mocking The Draft ranks Sands the 92nd-best prospect in the draft, but the NFL could think more highly of him.

Sands is the latest area football player to leave for the draft; it appears Pitt’s Jon Baldwin and Dion Lewis will go as well, perhaps along with fullback Henry Hynoski. Baldwin will very probably be a first- or early-second-round pick, while Lewis will be down the draft boards a couple of rounds.

Photographs by dizfunk used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.