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NFL Playoff Bracket: Patriots, Steelers, Falcons, Bears Await Wild Card Results

Here’s the NFL playoff bracket for the AFC. The Patriots and Steelers have first-round byes and will await games between the Jets and Colts and the Ravens and Chiefs to determine who their first opponents will be. All we know for sure is that the Patriots will take the lower-seeded of the two surviving teams and the Steelers will take the higher-seeded, which means the Patriots will not play the third-seeded Colts and the Steelers will not play the sixth-seeded Jets.

Wild Card round
(6) Jets Vs. (3) Colts at Indianapolis
(5) Ravens Vs. (4) Chiefs at Kansas City

Divisional round
Lower-seeded survivor vs. (1) Patriots at New England
Higher-seeded survivor vs. (2) Steelers at Heinz Field

The Patriots have home-field advantage throughout the playoffs. The Steelers will play their first game at home, but will play for the AFC championship at home only if the Patriots lose their first game.

Here’s the NFC bracket:

Wild Card round
(6) Packers vs. (3) Eagles
(5) Saints vs. (4) Seahawks

Divisional round
Lower-seeded survivor vs. (1) Falcons
Higher-seeded survivor vs. (2) Bears

Like the Patriots, the Falcons have home-field advantage throughout the playoffs.

Photographs by dizfunk used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.