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2011 NFL Mock Draft: Will Quarterbacks Reign?

Sports llustrated’s recent NFL mock draft is interesting, as it ranks quarterbacks higher and wide receivers lower than in most of the other mocks I’ve seen. Stanford’s Andrew Luck goes at No. 1, as expected, but Missouri quarterback Blaine Gabbert also goes at No. 3, to the Buffalo Bills. The 49ers take Arkansas quarterback Ryan Mallett with the seventh pick, and the Redskins take Auburn’s Cam Newton at No. 10. (The article points out that if Tim Tebow can be a first-round pick, then Newton can go this high.)

Among wide receivers, A.J. Green falls to the Titans at No. 8, Justin Blackmon goes to the Rams at No. 14 and Julio Jones falls to the Chargers at No. 18.

For Pittsburgh football fans, that might or might not mean that Pitt’s Jon Baldwin could fall further than the 20-25 range, where many previous mocks could place him. (The SI mock only covers the first 20 picks.) Also, the only offensive lineman in this mock is USC’s Tyron Smith, which could mean that the Steelers essentially could get their pick of offensive linemen if that’s what they want, whether that means Florida’s Mike Pouncey or someone else.

Photographs by dizfunk used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.