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NFL Playoff Schedule: Wild Card Week

Here's the TV schedule for the first week of the NFL playoffs. The Steelers will be on the sidelines, but fans will be watching the AFC games closely to see who the Steelers' first opponent will be.


Saturday: The New Orleans Saints play the Seattle Seahawks at 4:30 (NBC). The New York Jets play the Indianapolis Colts at 8:00 (also on NBC). If the Jets advance, they cannot face the Steelers next week. If the Colts advance, they would automatically play the Steelers next week. The Kansas City Chiefs would be a better matchup for the Steelers, but the Colts aren't especially scary.


On Sunday, the Baltimore Ravens take on the Chiefs at 1:00 (CBS). Of course Steelers fans have no love for the Ravens, but I would be interested in seeing Baltimore take a shot at knocking off the New England Patriots next week; I'm not especially confident that the Chiefs could do it. The Jets were one of two teams (along with the Cleveland Browns, weirdly enough) to beat the Patriots this year, but I wonder whether they would be able to do it twice.


Also on Sunday, the Green Bay Packers play the Philadelphia Eagles at 4:30 PM (FOX).

Photographs by dizfunk used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.