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Steelers Vs. Texans Score: Houston Dominating; James Harrison And Andre Johnson Injured

Among injuries to Houston’s Andre Johnson (who hurt himself while running and appears to have some sort of knee injury) and Pittsburgh’s James Harrison (a head or eye injury) on consecutive plays, the Texans continued their domination of the Steelers in the second quarter and are now up 10-0.

The Texans just marched downfield for a 12-play, 60-yard drive and capped it with a field goal, and the Steelers really didn’t do much to stop them until the Texans got to the six-yard line, at which point Matt Schaub finally threw a couple incomplete passes. Schaub has been efficient so far, going 10-for-15 with 96 yards, while the Steelers haven’t done much of anything, either with the run or with the pass. Arian Foster already has 94 yards on the ground, whereas Rashard Mendenhall has just four carries for 14 yards. In other words, this has been a poor game so far for the Steelers.

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Photographs by dizfunk used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.