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NFL Standings Update, Week 7: Steelers Still Behind Ravens In AFC North

Here's a look at the NFL standings following most of Week 7's games. In the AFC North, the Steelers are currently behind the Baltimore Ravens, who play Monday night against the Jaguars. In the unlikely event that the Ravens lose on Monday, the Steelers would move into first place in the division, despite a number of shaky performances so far this season.

Ravens 4-1

Steelers 5-2

Bengals 4-2

Browns 3-3

Elsewhere, there's a bunch of polarization in the NFL, with a number of awful winless teams (like the Colts, who are down 62-7 in Sunday Night Football as I type this - I feel pretty comfortable penciling them in for a loss), plus pretty much the entire NFC West, beyond the 49ers. Meanwhile, the Green Bay Packers are 7-0.

Here's the rest of the AFC. AFC East:

Patriots 5-1

Bills 4-2

Jets 4-3

Dolphins 0-6

AFC South:

Texans 4-3

Titans 3-3

Jaguars 1-5

Colts 0-7

AFC West:

Chargers 4-2

Raiders 4-3

Chiefs 3-3

Broncos 2-4

And the NFC. NFC East:

Giants 4-2

Cowboys 3-3

Redskins 3-3

Eagles 2-4

NFC North

Packers 7-0

Lions 5-2

Bears 4-3

Vikings 1-6

NFC South

Saints 5-2

Bucs 4-3

Falcons 4-3

Panthers 2-5

NFC West

49ers 5-1

Seahawks 2-4

Cardinals 1-5

Rams 0-6

SB Nation has a blog for every team.

Photographs by dizfunk used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.