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NFL Schedule, Week 13: Bengals Vs. Steelers, Ravens Vs. Browns, Packers Vs. Giants, And More

Here's a look at the NFL schedule for Week 13. The Steelers will host the Bengals at 1:00 on Sunday on CBS in a game that should have playoff implications for both teams. Also at the 1:00 hour, CBS has Chiefs vs. Bears, Jets vs. Redskins, Titans vs. Bills, Raiders vs. Dolphins, and, in a game that features the biggest point spread of any matchup this year, Colts vs. Patriots.

At the same time, FOX has Falcons vs. Texans, Panthers vs. Bucs, and Broncos vs. Vikings.

At 4:05 PM, Steelers fans will surely want to tune into the Ravens visiting the Browns (CBS). At 4:15, FOX has Packers vs. Giants, Rams vs. 49ers and Cowboys vs. Cardinals.

The Sunday-night game (8:20 PM, NBC) features the Lions and the Saints. On Monday night (8:30 PM, ESPN), the Jaguars host the Chargers.

The Seahawks beat the Eagles in the first game of the week, on Thursday.

SB Nation has a blog for every team.

Photographs by dizfunk used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.