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NFL Playoff Picture, Week 14: Steelers On Top In AFC North, But Maybe Not For Long

Here’s a look at the standings in the AFC North after the Steelers’ win over the Cleveland Browns Thursday night.

Steelers 10-3
Ravens 9-3
Bengals 7-5
Browns 4-9

There isn’t much cause for celebration about the Steelers being in first place. It’s all about the number of losses, and the Ravens hold the tiebreaker over the Steelers. Also, they play the hapless Colts this weekend, so they’re a great bet to be back in first in a couple days.

Here’s a look at the AFC Playoff picture.

Divisional Leaders

Steelers 10-3
Patriots 9-3
Texans 9-3
Broncos 7-5

Wild Card

Ravens 9-3
Jets 7-5
Bengals 7-5
Titans 7-5
Raiders 7-5

It’s really too early to sort out the 7-5 teams.

In the NFC, the Packers, 49ers and Saints are all locks or near-locks to go as divisional champions, while the Cowboys and Giants fight it out in the NFC East. The Falcons, Bears and Lions have the clearest shot at Wild-Card berths.

SB Nation has a blog for every team.

Photographs by dizfunk used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.