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2011 NFL Mock Draft: Little Agreement At The Top

Today's NFL mock drafts by SB Nation and by Rob Rang and Chad Reuter at CBS Sports show that while there isn't much agreement at the top, there is some agreement about what the Steelers will do. SB Nation has Auburn's Nick Fairley at the top, followed by LSU's Patrick Peterson and Missouri quarterback Blaine Gabbert; Rang has Peterson at the top, followed by Fairley and Alabama's Marcell Dareus; and Reuter has Auburn's Cam Newton going to the Carolina Panthers first overall, followed by Clemson's Da'Quan Bowers, and then Peterson. Newton hasn't usually been at the first pick in mock drafts, but he might start appearing there more often as the draft approaches.


The three mock drafters have the Steelers picking different players, but they're all names we've heard connected to the Steelers before. One is Florida offensive lineman Mike Pouncey, brother of Maurkice Pouncey. Another is Mississippi State offensive lineman Derek Sherrod. The third is Texas cornerback Aaron Williams. Any of the three would be good values at the Steelers' draft position, and all would address needs. The SB Nation draft has both Pouncey and Williams available when the Steelers pick, and if turns out that the Steelers do get their choice of either of them, it will be interesting to see which direction they go.

Photographs by dizfunk used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.