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Hines Ward Rumored To Appear On "Dancing With The Stars," Bob Pompeani Reports

KDKA's Bob Pompeani reported yesterday via his Twitter page that Steelers wide receiver Hines Ward is in talks with the reality show "Dancing With The Stars" to appear as a contestant next season.

For those unfamiliar with the show, the concept involves taking a handful of "celebrities" and pairing them with professional dancers. The couples are then judged as in any reality TV show, and the winner gets some prolonged press time and modest bragging rights.


The ever-smiling, sometimes-controversial, and media-friendly Ward would be a perfect fit for the show, which values big names and even bigger personalities over actual dancing acumen.


The mystery will be revealed tonight, as ABC is set to announce the Season 12 contestants during this evening's episode of "The Bachelor." The other rumored contestants include: talk show host Wendy Williams, Oscar winner Faye Dunaway, actor Lorenzo Lamas, politician Christine O'Donnell, Charlie Sheen's estranged wife Brooke Mueller, actress Jodi Sweetin and reality star Kendra Wilkinson-Basset.


I can't say I have ever watched this show, but with Ward on the program, it might be worthwhile to tune in, at least for a portion of the programming.

Photographs by dizfunk used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.