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2011 Super Bowl Commericals: Kenny G Stars In Spot For Audi

That Kenny G is evidently starring in a Super Bowl commercial sounds lame, which is exactly why it’s great. This teaser, starring cheesy saxophone star Kenny G as a “Luxury Prison” employee who plays his saxophone to prevent inmates from throwing lobster at each other, is pretty awesome:

My favorite part:

Q: The nickname, I heard, is called “Kenny Z” around here?

Kenny G: Yeah, anybody calls me “Kenny Z,” I’ll f*** them up. I’ll play an E, I’ll play an E flat. They can’t touch me after that.

If you were a schlocky pop culture figure from the 1980s, it’s incredibly easy to rehabilitate your reputation by making fun of yourself. It’ll be fun to see how the ad turns out. Presumably, Audi is going to break us all free from the “Luxury Prison” of Mercedes and BMW. I’m not quite sure how the ironic sendup of Kenny G will play with Audi’s target demographic but, you know, whatever.

Photographs by dizfunk used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.