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2011 Super Bowl: Some Seats At Cowboys Stadium Not Ready

With just an hour left before the Super Bowl XLV kickoff at 6:30, some temporary seats at Cowboys Stadium have yet to be completed, so some fans hoping to see the Steelers vs. Packers matchup may be left out of the excitement. The stadium plans to move some affected fans to new seats, but they may have to refund others:

“Fans who are not accommodated with seats inside the stadium will each receive a refund of triple the cost of the face value of the ticket,” the statement said. “We regret the situation.”

Some fans are being sent to the “Party Plaza” section outside the stadium, which has to be a huge disappointment, regardless of the refund. The Cowboys are trying to cram in as many people as possible, and it’s a shame that some fans, I assume including many who paid a pretty penny for travel and hotel, won’t be able to get in.

Also, four entrances to the stadium out of ten have been closed because of concerns over falling ice from the roof of the stadium. Six people were hurt earlier this week when ice and snow fell from the Cowboys Stadium roof.

Photographs by dizfunk used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.