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2011 Super Bowl: Packers, Steelers Trade Drives

-P- Big completion from Aaron Rodgers to Donald Driver for 24 yards, abusing Anthony Madison.

-P- Jordy Nelson misses a very catchable ball that would have put the Packers in the red zone, and the Packers have to punt. The punt goes into the end zone, and the Packers get the ball back at their own 20. Everybody warmed up now? Good.

-P- In the commercials, the wacky Audi “Luxury Prison” ads continue to stand out from the rest. The Bud Light and Doritos ads that preceded it weren’t particularly funny.

-P- Rashard Mendenhall picks up the Steelers’ first first down thanks in part to David Johnson, who blocks Clay Matthews. It looks like the Steelers will be running pretty hard tonight. Unfortuantely, Johnson picks up a false start two plays later.

-P- Ben Roethlisberger’s short pass to Mike Wallace comes up short on second down. There’s no flag for pass interference (and, upon review, no need for one) on Roethlisberger’s third-down pass to Heath Miller, and the Steelers punt, a beauty by Jeremy Kapinos that goes into the end zone with Keenan Lewis can’t find the ball.

-P- Did you know that old people have trouble hearing? Ha ha!!!!

Photographs by dizfunk used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.