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2011 Super Bowl: Steelers Score In Opening Drive Of Third Quarter

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The second half began with several costly penalties by the Packers (including a face-mask penalty that looks like it shouldn’t have been called). James Jones also dropped a fantastic throw by Aaron Rodgers that would have produced an easy touchdown.

The Steelers then led a convincing charge down the field, led by a big run by Rashard Mendenhall (after which he briefly departed after being shaken up while running into a cameraman). Isaac Redman then entered the game and picked up a nice gain after cutting back to the left on a play that appeared to be designed to go to the right.

Mendenhall ran the ball in for a touchdown, and Shaun Suisham kicked a horrible-looking extra point that stayed just within the uprights. The Steelers now trail 21-17 early in the second half and appear to be very much back in the game despite a weak showing throughout much of the first half. I would look for the Steelers to try to keep running more throughout the rest of the second half. The Packers now have the ball at around their own 20 yard line. Jordy Nelson just had another drop, at least the third big one by a Packers receiver today.

Photographs by dizfunk used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.