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2012 Super Bowl Odds: Steelers At 10:1

SB Nation Pittsburgh doesn't endorse sports betting, but just for fun: Bodog has 2012 Super Bowl odds up already, and the Steelers are 10:1 to win it all. The Green Bay Packers are at 7:1, and the New England Patriots are at 15:2; those are the only other teams that Bodog thinks have a better shot. The Chargers are at 12:1, and the Ravens, Colts, Saints and Jets are at 14:1. The Carolina Panthers have the longest odds, at 125:1, followed by the Bills at 100:1 and an actual playoff team, the Seattle Seahawks, at 80:1.


We'll have to see how the Steelers' offseason turns out before we can get any sense of whether they really have such a good shot at winning next year's Super Bowl. While they clearly have a ton of talent, they're a relatively old team with lots of concerns in the offensive and defensive lines and in their secondary, and they're going to have to deal with contract issues for key players like LaMarr Woodley and Ike Taylor. But it's nice to see that Vegas has faith in the Steelers.

Photographs by dizfunk used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.