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2011 NFL Mock Draft: Steelers Still Linked To Florida Guard Mike Pouncey

Maybe it's because Mock Draft writers like to weave a fancy little narrative when they are making their picks. Maybe it's because the Steelers have a reputation of just picking the guy that makes the most sense, and not getting caught up in potential and all that other rigmarole. But for whatever reason, we are seeing the Steelers pick Mike Pouncey from Florida more and more in Mocks around the Internet.

That includes the latest 2011 NFL Mock Draft at SB Nation. Here is their rationale.

There are more talented prospects at bigger need positions that the Steelers could consider here. The NFL is about more than having talent, however; pairing Mike with twin brother Maurkice would create unparalleled chemistry along an offensive front that needs to improve.

The Steelers need help at guard, and Pouncey would certainly provide that. And his chemistry with his twin brother would be excellent. It just makes sense. There is always a chance that a player falls to the Steelers that they can't pass up, or that they are in love with a player they fear they might not be able to get later in the Draft; but barring all of that, Pouncey makes a ton of sense. And that usually seems to be the MO when the Steelers draft.

Photographs by dizfunk used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.