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2011 NFL Draft: What Clues Do Steelers' Pre-Draft Visits Provide?

Steelers Depot looks at the Steelers’ pre-draft visitors, and what the Steelers’ interest in those players might mean in the upcoming NFL Draft. Among the conclusions:

-P- Cornerbacks, for obvious reasons, will be a big deal in this draft. The Steelers have interest in two players in Ras-I Dowling and Curtis Brown who are unlikely to last until the Steelers’ second-round pick, and one possibility is that the Steelers could trade out of the first round to get an earlier second-round pick and another pick or two later in the draft, and then draft Dowling or Brown. There are also several other corners the Steelers could take in the later rounds.

P The Steelers could use a middle-round pick on a nose tackle like Kenrick Ellis or Frank Kearse.

-P- Also, offensive line will obviously be a priority.

-P- The Steelers have shown some interest in wide receivers and running backs and could take those types of players, but probably only in the late rounds.

Photographs by dizfunk used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.