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2011 NFL Schedule: List Of Steelers' Opponents

The 2011 NFL schedule won’t be released until 7:00 PM Tuesday night, but you don’t have to wait to find out who the Steelers will actually be playing. Here’s a list of the Steelers’ 2011 opponents.

Steelers 2011 Home Games:

Steelers 2011 Road Games:

Obviously, the Steelers will play their divisional opponents (Baltimore, Cleveland and Cincinnati) both at home and on the road. They’ll also play the entire AFC South and the weak NFC West, along with the other AFC division winners (the Patriots and Chiefs). All we’re waiting to hear about Tuesday night is what order the games will be played in, and which games will be played as Sunday afternoon games.

Photographs by dizfunk used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.