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NFL Mock Draft 2011: New Mock Has Steelers Taking Aaron Williams (Again)

SB Nation’s latest 2011 NFL Mock Draft has the Steelers grabbing Texas cornerback Aaron Williams, which at this point is a pretty uncontroversial guess, since Williams has visited the Steelers and is generally regarded as a late-first-round pick, and the Steelers need a cornerback badly.

Rather than reaching on an offensive lineman, it makes more sense for the Steelers to target Williams – a physical, ball-hawking playmaker for their secondary.

Elsewhere in this mock, the first four picks are Cam Newton, Marcell Dareus, Von Miller and A.J. Green – no surprises there. But Nick Fairley falls to the Vikings at No. 12, and this particular mock projects various trades that would affect the draft order. For example, the Eagles are projected to trade the No. 23 overall pick to the Bengals so that Cincinnati can grab TCU quarterback Andy Dalton. Mike Pouncey, by the way, falls to the Falcons at No. 27 – if he can fall that far, maybe he can drop just a few more picks?

Photographs by dizfunk used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.