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2011 NFL Draft: Steelers Reportedly Looking For Ways To Trade Up For Mike Pouncey

Jason La Canfora of reports that the Steelers are considering trying to find a way to trade up from the No. 31 overall pick to somewhere between No. 16 and No. 20 in order to acquire Florida offensive lineman Mike Pouncey in the upcoming 2011 NFL Draft:

Steelers officials believe moving up to Miami, pick 15, is unrealistic, but the Dolphins could well take a quarterback there and pass on Pouncey.

Pittsburgh’s front office is compiling and assessing what it would take to move up into that range to get Pouncey, and will be prepared to pounce (excuse that horrible pun, but I somehow couldn’t resist). New England, at 17, is also looking for trade action and is never really averse to moving down.

Tomlin has very strong ties to Tampa coach Raheem Morris and swinging a deal with the Buccaneers at 20 could be the best option … if the Steelers are willing to risk that and wait that long.

La Canfora suggests that if the Steelers are unable to move up, pick Pouncey, and unite him with his brother, All-Pro rookie center Maurkice Pouncey, they would instead go with a cornerback like Texas’ Aaron Williams or Miami’s Brandon Harris. (It’s been a while since I’ve heard Harris was a serious candidate, and the Steelers tend to like bigger cornerbacks, so I’m sure they’d rather go with Williams.)

I’m with my own brother on this one. While I’m sure La Canfora’s reporting is probably accurate, the cost of moving up will be very steep for a team with serious needs at cornerback and on the offensive line, as well as future needs on the defensive line. While I’m sure Steelers fans would love it if the team acquired Mike Pouncey, it would be a very tough spot for them if they were to lose their second- and/or third-round picks.

Photographs by dizfunk used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.