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2011 NFL Draft Results: Baltimore Ravens Skip First-Round Pick, Eventually Select Jimmy Smith

Uncharacteristically, the Baltimore Ravens, who run a tight ship personnel-wise, neglected to submit a pick with their first-round selection. Pretty big gaffe from Baltimore, as they passed on their #26 selection, a mistake that hasn't happened since the Minnesota Vikings similarly screwed up in 2003.

The clock ran all the way down on their pick, suggesting that perhaps Baltimore was trying to work something out with another team looking to jump up the draft board, but couldn't close the deal. Basically, Baltimore can step in and pick in front of anyone who's on the clock - that's what happened with Minnesota in 2003 - but teams like the Pittsburgh Steelers who are sitting behind #26 couldn't be happier about getting a free spot on their big boards.

The Ravens eventually selected Colorado cornerback Jimmy Smith, which is a pretty great pick. Looking at Smith, you'd think he was a linebacker. And in man coverage last season, opposing college quarterbacks only completed seven passes against the guy. Seven. Of course, he's got his share of character issues, too, getting arrested twice while in Colorado. We'll see how this pans out for the Ravens.

UPDATE: It was later revealed that Baltimore was trying to deal - with the Chicago Bears. Can't really find a positive way to spin this for Chicago, who clearly wanted a certain player they may now not get, and Baltimore, who lost value by not punching the trade addition to embarrassing themselves.

Photographs by dizfunk used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.