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NFL Lockout: Roger Goodell Speaks To Steelers Fans

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell met with Steelers season-ticket holders on Thursday. It doesn’t sound like anything too noteworthy went down, but hey, it’s Steelers-related, right? Anyway, Goodell said this season could be tough for fans who want to make plans to see games:

“I can’t predict where we are going to come out other than I can tell you the intention and the preparations we are making are for a full season … so I can’t give you assurances on it other than we are going to continue to work as hard as we can. We know the uncertainty affects everybody, including the game and the fans.”

He also addressed the fines handed down to James Harrison and other players last year, saying the league would continue to punish players for illegal hits. He also conversed with fans about last year’s Super Bowl seating, and also whether the NFL would move to an 18-game season.

Photographs by dizfunk used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.