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Steelers Will Win AFC North, ESPN Readers Say

47 percent of ESPN readers currently say the Steelers will win the AFC North. 29 percent say it will be the Baltimore Ravens, which makes sense - the Steelers will depend on a bunch of older players this year, and it's easy to imagine that a few guys will get hurt and the Steelers will get a couple of bad breaks, while Joe Flacco and company take a step forward. (Not that a 12-4 team like the 2010 Ravens needs to take much of a step forward to contend yet again.) As annoying as the Ravens are, I think picking them to win the division would be a fairly easy decision to justify.


That leaves 17 percent for the Cleveland Browns and seven percent for the Cincinnati Bengals. The Browns are a fun team, but not one that's yet in a class with the Steelers and Ravens. As for the Bengals, I can only really assume that's Bengals fans voting.


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Photographs by dizfunk used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.