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NFL Lockout 2011 (News): Lockout Appears To Be Over, Teams To Report To Training Camps This Week

The NFLPA has unanimously agreed to a new deal that ends the NFL Lockout, so the NFL season will, at long last, proceed as scheduled. Here's a basic idea of what to expect:

-P- Teams can begin trading on Tuesday, although I wouldn't expect the Steelers to do much in that area. Teams can also begin negotiations with their own free agents, such as Ike Taylor. Teams can also start signing draft picks and undrafted free agents.

-P- Some teams can begin to report to training camps on Wednesday, although it appears the Steelers will start theirs on Thursday. 

-P- On Thursday, teams can start cutting players.

A lot should be happening this week, and we might begin to get a firm sense of which players the Steelers might re-sign, such as cornerback Ike Taylor. For more on NFL Free Agency, you can follow the NFL Free Agency stream.

For more on the Steelers, check out Behind The Steel Curtain.

Photographs by dizfunk used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.